Who We Are

A holistic experience with sophisticated interiors and extraordinary service makes you feel pampered like never before.

Ravi Kumar Ohri

(Managing Director &Chairman)

Ohri's Founder & Visionary

Ohri's culinary legacy dates back to 1976 when a visionary entrepreneur, Ravi Ohri, laid the foundation for a futuristic brand in the hotel industry. Capitalizing on the success of its very first venture, Hotel Baseraa, the label soon spread its wings across Hyderabad and established its place as a chain to reckon with.

Ohri's now boasts of a series of top restaurants, hotels and banquets in Hyderabad, with a distinctively unique quality of coming up with something innovative each time. You can make your reservation on a call or book online here!

Leading Ohri's Culinary Empire

Ravi Ohri was succeeded by his son Amar Ohri, an MBA in Hotel Management, who furthered the establishment's progress and helped it gain the acclamation and accolades it deserves. Over the years, there has been immense growth in terms of business and customer loyalty enabling the empire to push the envelope further and gain recognition pan India.


Amar Ohri

(Executive Director)

Our Values and Vision

The fascinating worlds they have created range from romantic to historical, lavish to downtown, filmy to serene, even charming to quirky; spoiling their customers for choice while giving them a larger-than-life dining experience.